viernes, septiembre 01, 2006

The Adventures of Ricky & Stick: Fables in Software Acquisition Published Online

Las aventuras de Ricky y Stick, para reirnos un rato y aprender de estas historietas en el área de Ingeniería de Software pero con casos comunes o coloquiales,trata temas de Pruebas, Estimación y Métricas, Requerimientos e Integración. aqui les dejo uno del área de Requerimientos, se me hizo muy raro en contrarlo en el sitio de SEI news.

this same scenario also shows there are lots of things that are excellent when
taken individually, but awful when put together willy-nilly. A different
moral, perhaps, but one worth noting.

The lesson is that, even taking into account the incredible flexibility of
software, a coherent system needs some internal integrity and boundedness to
it. More important (from the viewpoint of the poor soul who has to manage its
development), a system's requirements should ideally reflect some
comprehension of whether those requirements can be satisfied.

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